Chasebot simplifies CRM & Sales Pipeline Management

  • Keeps Track Of Your Deals

    Boost your productivity by using the “Open Deal” tab, where all in-progress items are shown and you control how to prioritize the deal list based on progress, value, or age. A simple click on a deal reveals the historical conversations as well as any upcoming event that needs to be accomplished before the next sales call. Further, the deal’s price can be adjusted to offer a discount. Hence, all the information you require to achieve your goal are put into one place, designed in a remarkably simple and intuitive way to access and close the deal successfully.

  • Reusable Deals with Deal Templates

    Chasebot lets you create a deal template as a starting point of negotiations across your contacts. And yet, any deal you create based on the given template still can be adjusted to each individual’s case. This approach means saving time by reusing deal structures, without having to recreate them from scratch each time.

  • Chasebot - CRM - Sales Automation | Conversation Manager

    Tracks Your Conversations

    Have you ever been lost trying to remember all the conversations you had with a customer? Keeping track of historical conversations traditionally is done by archiving emails or using an Excel spreadsheet. Neither of the two options is ideal. Chasebot lets you record conversations with a simple click and keeps track of the conversation in chronological order.

  • Sends You Reminders

    Events are key to closing a deal successfully. But even the best-intended event won’t help you if you simply forget about it. Chasebot sends you email and screen reminders about upcoming events. On top of that, every time you log into the system, you can see which events are due next so that you have enough time to prepare.

  • Chasebot - Business Contact Manager | Contact Manager

    Shared Business Contact Manager

    In the shared address book, you can store contact details, personal information, and personality notes of your prospects. During a sale negotiation, you can look up these data to make better decisions. Does the prospect have any pets? What are his or her interests? How is the prospect’s personality and how should you adjust your sales pitch? You also can choose to share the contact’s details with your team or make it visible only to you.

How Can CRM Help Your Business?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and as long as you have sales lead or existing customers, you will need a system to track down, analyze, and follow up conversations with your customer. This information could be utilized for sales, marketing, or even support. And this is where Chasebot comes in — to automate these tasks and remind you when to follow up a conversation.

How Is Chasebot Different from Other CRMs?

The main focus of Chasebot is what any business desires most: closing successfully and quickly as many deals as possible. Many CRM/Sales Automation solutions have a contact-driven approach. Chasebot offers the deal-focused approach in which you see all the important data regarding the progress, value, and age of each open deal as well as the to-do list and prospect data—all in one handy and well-designed place. It's now up to you how to drive the deal to success with all the tools Chasebot provides.

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